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It’s good to point out that your child should play chess because chess teaches children some very important life skills.

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About us

We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

“Dolphin Chess Academy” Is the world’s unique chess school and yes this is the place where you can learn, train and improve your chess Step by step!

Dolphin Chess Academy is an online & Offline academy founded by an International rated Player Gursimran Singh.
Gursimran Singh is not only a great Chess coach, he is also a better guide who helps children a lot in their better working style ,How they can balance their study & sports and move forward?

“Chess is a game where the unique moves you make on the board reflect the uniqueness within you, teaching us that every individual’s path in life is one-of-a-kind and worth exploring.”

Gursimran Singh

Founder & Head of School


support for every stage


Get day-to-day assignments for practice and solve them from mobile.


Practice positions with the engine to improve positional play.


Play blind-folded chess with the engine to improve your visualization capacity.


Create PGN of your tournament games and share it with the coach for annotation.


Share PGN with the coach and get it annotated in a short while. Store your favourite games as a repository.


Play with the academy students online from anywhere anytime .Play tournaments within academy

Courses and Curriculum





We welcome kids into our program

Why with Dolphin Chess Academy only?

We are the base maker.

Everything has a beginning that includes a solid base for support. If the base isn't solid, then it will crumble and not go much longer.


Designed to help children realize their potential

Basics of Chess

Our first moto is to teach basics of chess like :- what is chess ? what are the main aspects in chess ? how to understand them? How they work in a chess game? How the chess is co-related with our life?


What is a chess tournament? How to select a tournament? How to play in a tournament? (Psychology of a Chess tournament) How to handle pressure in a chess tournament? What are the challenges in a chess tournament ?

Thinking Skills

How to think a good move in a chess game? What the thoughts in mind of a master, then they are able to think a good move? How to understand a chess game in different situation?

Analyses of your games

What are analyses? Why it is important for every good Chess player? How to analyze your game? How to make record of your analyses and improvements?

Meet the teachers

Experts in giving your children best start

T.R. Morya
Chetan Mehrana
Manoj Kumar
What parent say
My ward Pranavjot Singh Gujral is a student of Dolphin chess Academy & we feel proud & privileged to be a part of it. DCA has evolved from a personal one man trainer with Mentor being Harry Sir to such a great height of success with utmost professional ethics & giving a personal touch to students. This has made the Organisation as Temple of Chess. Words will be less to describe them and we wish the academy further success to emerge as a World Class Institute with young chaps becoming strategists of life. Good Luck

Something more and important about Chess

For instance, due to the fact that this game is mostly non-verbal, children can learn how to detect body language. Furthermore, this ancient game helps them develop managing skills and learn how to control impulses. Chess is here to teach them that making decisions too fast or too slow can be wrong. Through chess, children can learn how to delay gratification because it is sometimes better to let go a piece that you can capture in order to get a better one in the next turn.

Every child aged six or over in Armenia is now destined to learn chess. The authorities there believe compulsory lessons will “foster schoolchildren’s intellectual development” and improve critical thinking skills.